Nunašəš” Pendants
(Person of Valor Pendants)

It is difficult to adequately describe the heroism and selflessness witnessed during the Thomas fire and in its aftermath. This piece was designed in recognition of those brave people and for the spirit of our community. The Topa Topa mountains depicted on the face of the medallion overlook the Ojai Valley and are sacred to this community. In the native Chumash language, the word Nunašəš”, inscribed on the back, is used to describe these people of valor.

This medallion is available in both Sterling silver ($135) or 18k gold ($1,250) and is available at the Susan Cummings Jewelry Gallery located at 453 East Ojai Avenue in Ojai. 100% of profits from sales of the necklaces will go to the purchaser’s choice of  the Upper Ojai Thomas Fire Relief Fund, the Ojai Land Conservancy, or Help of Ojai.

Inspiration for this piece came from Kerri Sengstaken, artwork was executed by Kili Behlman and production was done by the Susan Cummings studio. We all appreciate your support in this fundraising endeavor


Pleiades Rose Gold Pendant

Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters, are amongst the first stars mentioned in literature and this constellation lies closest to earth. The Greek myth about these girls goes something like this:

To avoid being stalked and hunted by Orion, the God Zeus decided to transform the girls in to a flock of doves and set them in the heavens to become stars.   Their names are Maia, Alcyone (Ally), Asteropa (Star), Celaeno (Ce-Ce), Taygeta (Tiggy), Electra, and Merope.  All there girls had richly amusing and dramatic lives. This cluster of stars is located in the shoulder area of Taurus and is best seen in the month of  November.

The placement of the diamonds on this pendant , representing each sister, is a close approximation of how they sit in the sky. The size of each diamond was chosen representing their power and presence within the family. I just loved the story, and it is worth a read. It made for a fun piece of artwork. I hope you enjoy it.

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